Social Awkwardness

How many times have we all sent a message and regretted almost every word included in it? Or even typed out a whole paragraph to result in deleting the whole thing because the portrayal of yourself to the viewers would be coated in shit. Or even better, being roasted in a group chat and having to reply with ‘lol’, because being online and viewing everyones messages without any replies would just be #awkward.

Social Awkwardness isn’t something that should even exist though, its something we create within ourselves a bit like ‘fear’ or any other invisible feeling. If we ignored all other factors when creating conversation then life might be simpler. Simple.

I admit it, even though I am totally aware of this rising issue in the world of awkwardness, I am still a victim of creating an awkward atmosphere around people when I have no clue who they are. A pretty werid situation I’ve found myself in was when I was sitting next to a girl in Secondary School in a weekly class. It was all ‘fun and games’, until I was asked the most normal question (well in my opinion it was normal so i continued with a normal answer). I was asked ‘How big am I?’. <Yes, she was talking about her weight and I can assure you I was aware of that. I replied with ‘*meh* You’re average??’. This all resulted in a tantrum she threw which put the definition of Social Awkwardness into me. The poor girl looked like she was about to kill me, so I tried switching up my answer instinctively shouting, ‘no you’re skinny/fat’…  Let’s just say we didn’t speak anymore that year.

Ever since this experience I’ve thought twice or even more about how I want to reply to someones question which I shouldn’t be the judge of individually. It’s not always so bad, but when it is, it is. I wish people would accept any reply but that’s the reason why it’s a wish- it just wont happen. Life lesson learnt I hope.




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