Student Life

Being a student has nothing more to it than the stress of numbers or words cramming your precious memory into the depths of another realm. It’s not the kind of stress you might experience after a relationship break-up, it’s the stress of weather you can contain the information to pass the final test or at least that’s what it seems to me!

Everyday, I manage to drag myself out of my deep sleep to the tone of an annoying alarm. Then when I somehow, manage to do my daily routines- brushing my teeth, getting dressed or eating breakfast (if I have enough time to do this), I set off to go to university to learn about the world I want to work in. I enjoy the course I’m studying but, I’m sure we can all agree that we think to ourselves sometimes, ‘When the fuck will I use this part of a method in a real life situation?!’. Since I have a passion to do the degree that I’m studying I just get on with things.

Hours go by as I wait for the second hand on the clock to reach the hour which allows me to escape into freedom again. Once it’s time to take a break or the lesson is over, all I can hear are; of the zips of bags shutting or people grunting about how hard the lesson was. It’s never easy for everyone, trust me, there’s always one person who has no clue about what went on in the lesson. <Maybe they were slacking by using their phone or just outright looking past the teachers words. I always try my hardest in every lesson but I know that when I need to revise the topics over at home, my mind would be blank. Luckily for me, I have friends which I can study in groups with which can bring us students into confidence.

After the day of university is over, I just tick off another day on my calendar bringing me one step closer to the examination date (the day of testing if you know what you learnt or if you need to resit the modules). As days go by us, students will find themselves living inside the books or taking pills to stay awake the day before the exam so that they can load piles of overdue information into their heads.

On the day of the exam, everyone will queueing outside of the hall in which we will be examined in, asking each other if they knew the correct way to work out ‘such and such’. But once the moment of ‘’ is over we are faced with a pile of papers demanding the answers to questions, which will take a few months to compile for an ordinary business person, in 2 hours for us students. Amazingly, we manage to complete the whole exam or most of it I hope. Just wishing for the pass mark to be exceeded. I can confirm that after an exam finishes we all get together and check if we marked the same question as each other to comfort ourselves. Sometimes I find that my answer isn’t the same as the so called ‘smartest’ student. Yep, I wish I hadn’t started conversing about my answers like that now- I feel kind of stupid-I will fail at life.

Day of results. Ahh, the day we’ve all been waiting for. Weather it be logging onto your student account or visiting your university/school. You will end up with some sort of grade indicating your hard efforts through the year. I manage to hold my cool before opening my results because I don’t want to show my anxiousness or nervousness to anybody around me. But once I open it, it’s done there’s no going back. It’s time to face my fate. Luckily, I always manage to pass my exams by scoring high enough.  I share my results with my friends and they do the same back. Some of us want to celebrate while others look down onto death’s call faced with a retake of an exam. My feelings go out to those who need to retake their exams, while the rest of us can taste the joy of freedom!

However… Life as a student doesn’t end there yet.

We repeat this whole process for years until we get jobs.

The end.

Cry for us.

Pray for us.

Thanks for reading guys.

#Student #Life



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