Picking A Movie

Hey lurkers,

It’s ya boy again. Damn that escalated to hood mode far too quick. But I’m not going back to delete that because I like to keep these blogs real and natural. For entertainment purposes of course! Anyway, you might be glad to hear from me so soon. It’s only been a few days since I last blogged so that proves that I’m actually putting effort into this stuff right?

So this wont be a super long blog or anything, but it’s something I wanted to share. Recently I’ve been getting into the whole routine of watching movies or TV series after a long day of revision. I find watching stuff normally winds me down since it requires no effort. So as I do, I begin to cross of my movie watch list after every movie I watch. I’ve come to a sudden reality check. I’ve ran out of things to watch. Procrastination has made me finish watching all of the stuff I’ve been waiting to watch.

AND YES. There’s nothing on YouTube that I can watch because I’ve already watched them all. I can do the odd bit of excessive procrastinating where I start watching documentaries about things my life has no interest in but I promised myself that I wouldn’t do that after spending 2 hours learning about sharks. I didn’t learn much either. So since I’ve finished watching all of the uploads of the creators I’m subbed to, I sit at the screen waiting anxiously for their newest upload. It is a truly sad time when you had a couple hours of free time and you can’t do anything you wanted because you’ve done too much of it.

Lucky enough I’m going to re-visit some of the movies I really enjoyed because I feel like they can help my mood. Like they’re neither highly rated or watched but they really hold up my mood sometimes. I’m glad there are certain movies out there that don’t reach out for the Oscars. We need those singular movies to deliver the feels.

Well yeah, I hope you didn’t get bored… If you did then, I don’t blame you. Tell me guys, how do you deal with situations like this?

Keep on rolling, my little dices. 

Psst, I can never really stick to one of those slogans because I always forget the exact words. Just know that you gotta keep rolling. <Not encouraging anything bad by this either. Okay? Peace.

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