I wake up with no clue.

That’s why I use the loo.

It’s where I catch my thoughts.

‘Oh, I still gotta finish that fort’.

But I’m a lazy guy who chooses to abort.

Food is what I live for.

Food is why I’m alive.

It’s what I thrive off to show my potential,

of how much I can eat, all types are essential.

I want to sit alone and play some games.

With whoever it is online, I don’t name, names.

As long as we complete the mission that doesn’t involve me to move around in reality.

Such as running 10 miles, through thick and thin, till fatality.

Then can I, return back into my bed.

Rest this poor head.

Put myself into deep slumber and act like I’m saving the world in my dreams, pretend.

To wake up again to the last day of the weekend.


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