Who is this guy?

Hey guys and girls…

This is my first time ever writing or making a blog post so excuse my shitty typos and grammar. I’m sure this all comes with practice so don’t be too quick to judge me.

Now that the lame disclaimer is out of the way, I guess that I should start by actually telling you who I am. Before I forget, I have a slight case of bad language too so get used to it or gtfo? 😉

I’m not going to start by telling you my name because that’s too typical. I want to be different.

Just kidding.

My name is Abdul Imtiyaz (believe it or not people actually call me ‘hustlah’) and I’m 18 years old… I’m currently studying at Birmingham City University, studying BA (Hons) Finance and Accounting. I live in the UK in a city called Birmingham (well durr.). Life gets pretty boring in this city and that’s probably why I’ve even started to blog. Just kidding. It’s really not that bad around here.

Now that the boring stuff is all out of the way lets jump right into the fun part (in which some may disagree but you’ve already got to this point in the post so why stop now?).

Hobbies and Interests

I’ve grew up to like the stuff a normal guy would like, or so I think.

I enjoy- Gaming, this has been a massive part of my life since I was born.. ‘Cuz rekkin kids since ’96 right!?’. 🙂 I love playing on my xbox and I’d have to say Call of Duty is my favourite game franchise. I like other games too such as: Final Fantasy, Need for Speed, FIFA but this list can carry on forever so I wont continue.

The places I like to go are;

Cinemas – what’s better than shitting yourself in front of a big screen? (yes horror movies are my favourite- I don’t quite literally shit myself though);

Restaurants- I enjoy trying new foods from time to time although I’ve had some pretty bad experiences by doing this but it’s worth it because you can’t say you don’t like something until you’ve tried it. When me and my friends want to go out for an Indian we always use the term, ‘I want the shits’- the reason we say this is because Indian Food is normally hella spicy and completely messes with your stomach;

Theme parks- Even though I’ve been to very few (2)… I love them, the thrill is amazing. I only really started to go on big rides when I turned 18. It seemed like turning 18 just changed me somehow. 18 was the age which I first went abroad but I’ll talk about this at a later time. The theme parks I’ve been to are Drayton Manor and Alton Towers. I’ve went on every ride at Drayton Manor but only the kids rides at Alton Towers (no this wasn’t because I was scare – it was actually because I was only like 8 at the time). So I guess I’ll have to give Alton Towers another visit this summer.

I could keep blabbering on about stuff I like, but I assume many of you lot don’t really give a shit?!

Sooo, what I’ll do instead is, I’ll just do update blogs on this page whenever you want to know something- in that case if you do, just drop a comment (somewhere…) with your question and I’ll try answer it as soon as possible to the best of my possibility 😀

Keep on rollin’ my hustlers!


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